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Bathroom tile in Phoenix, AZ

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Ceramic Tile is one of the most popular, time-tested tile used to date. Ceramic is easy to install and keep up, and can make any bathroom wall or back splash come alive. Ceramic tile can show natural elegance, vibrant tones and charismatic textures. Ceramic tile from Clayton Stone Surfaces can offer an affordable tile flooring that will give your bathroom a striking visual appeal.

Mosaic Tile, Clayton Stone Surfaces can help you design a custom mosaic tile layout that will be your own piece of custom art. Our designers and your imagination can create a custom mosaic that is easily installed anywhere in your home. Using mosaics tiles are living works of art, that show off any room you have them installed in.

Pebble Tile comes in a variety of styles from Polished Pebble and Stacked Pebble to Flat-Stone Pebble for various applications. You can use Pebble Tile for your kitchen, bathroom, or in other areas of the house as well as designs for the exterior. We also design large projects for business locations.

Glass Tile will allow you to show off-color and light in ways other tiles simply can't. Clayton Stone Surfaces offer custom glass tile solutions that are outstanding. Our designers can show you creative glass tile installations that can help show off your bathroom or any other part of the house. Despite their name, glass tiles are anything but fragile. Glass tiles are pieces of glass cut and shaped into different sizes. There are handmade glass tiles and glass tiles from manufacturing plants. Glass tiles are easy to clean using water or any type of glass cleaner. Their surface is water tight and does not harbor any mold or mildew making it a great addition for your bathroom, kitchen, or any area where a non allergen surface is important. Glass reflects light which is bright and intense in many colors. This gives you an opportunity to use color in a very modern way that ceramics just don't allow.

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Porcelain Tile is a material forged at an extremely high temperature. The rich palette that porcelain will emit makes it difficult to distinguish from a natural stone tile. Porcelain is extremely durable and will last a lifetime standing up to just about anything. You will love that it is easy to keep up and keep clean. Porcelain tile can transform the dullest walkway and floor area into an exciting water cooler conversation topic.

Wall Tile gives you a few options to keep in mind. You can use more brittle type materials like hand-glazed ceramic tiles glass tiles, marble tiles porcelain tiles and even travertine tiles that are full rich colors and textures. Porcelanosa Tile offers many options to choose from because it comes in so many sizes and shapes. Another popular choice is Artistic Tile which offers an extensive variety of unique ceramic tile and hand-carved stone tile.

Marble Tile is an outstanding choice for bathroom tile. We can show you the most effective and affordable methods for using marble tile in your home or business. If you are want to design your bathroom with marble this could be the perfect choice when it comes to adding value to your home or office. Clayton Stone Surface offers some of the finest Italian and Spanish marble Tile available.

Slate Mosaics Tile is several different mosaics put together in various shapes and sizes. Clayton Stone Surface offers some of the most beautiful slate mosaics tile available. You can choose from the Falling Water Mosaic , and Lineal Mosaics and other collections that are now available. One of the advantages of these tiles is they are mesh mounted allowing flexibility in the size of the mosaic. Many customers use the Falling Water and Lineal Mosaics to accent liners in a shower because the ability to cut a line of mosaic off of the sheet is easy to handle.

Slate and Glass Tile Mosaics are a series made of several mosaics of slate and glass tile mosaics. A popular choice of Slate and Glass Tile Mosaics that Clayton Stone Surface offers is the 1 in by 1 in blended mosaics. One advantage of these mosaics is the slate colors in the mosaics match up with the straight cut slate series. This lets you to create beautiful borders and mosaic accents for a shower when using the straight cut slate.